If you are looking for utmost relaxation for your baby, then Ninos Bonitos is a one stop solution for it! We all know that we all are pre-occupied with our priorities, but we request you to please abide by our policies too. An advance appointment can prove fruitful not only for us as an establishment, but also for you to avoid any chaotic situation. Sometimes, children often get cranky and are unable to cope up with the therapy. To overcome this situation, it’s better to reach before time, so that such situation can be avoided. The breathing spell will help you and your child to settle down, which will furthermore have a positive effect on the therapy. Timely service will help your child to rejuvenate and the next appointment will be served on time.

In case of late arrivals, a prior notice on the phone would be appreciated. However, your timeframe might be reduced to serve the next client, but a full charge would be applied on the therapy. While visiting our spa, your relaxation will be our top-notch priority, but your belongings would be your duty. Also, in case your child is undergoing some medical treatment, then do inform us on a pronto basis. Before undergoing any therapy, you will be thoroughly informed about the techniques and the products. Nevertheless, our therapists are well-trained and are best at their tasks, so you can rely on them wholeheartedly. However, we will still urge at least one parent to be present with the kid.

Though we are here to serve you in the best possible ways, but if we find any misconduct from the client, then the therapy will be adjourned immediately. Also, we hold an absolute right to refuse service to clients that hamper the peace of our establishment.

We accept all modes of payment and if there are any changes in the tariff, then the clients will be informed likewise.