Kids Spa Service

Ninos Bonitos is the first and only Kids Spa in Kalyani Nagar Pune. Sometimes all a kids needs is a relaxing bath after spending a long day eating, burping, crying, and pooping. Its Helpful for the full and healthy development of your kids.

As your kid transitions from life in the womb to the outside world, positive touch through massage helps them to feel loved, respected and secure. As babies get to know their parents and the world around them, the Kids Spa is a place where they can be calmed, grow in confidence and build on critical skills and abilities.

Baby Spa | Children Spa

Just like a grown-up, kids also need some de-stressing therapies that soothes their soul. At Ninos Bonitos baby spa service we have some amazing spa therapies that will help kids attain serenity, but with a gamut of benefits. The massage at our Kids spa will help boost their digestion, circulatory system and subdue constipation. Most importantly, these therapies will help in improving their sleep patterns – huge relief for moms and the children too. Age-group from 0 to 8 years can avail our kids spa therapies.